September 27, 2013

Starting Off the Halloween Spirit in a Cemetery

As you all know, Lady loves…that is L.O.V.E.S Halloween. I am still baffled as to why…but I am happy to indulge. (Because Christmas is coming and that is MY holiday!) We started our Halloween festivities at a Cemetery.
To be honest, I think Lady started long ago. She has the house slyly littered with Halloween decorating magazines etc. One of our friends knows about Lady’s Halloween excitement and recommended an old cemetery for us to visit in Washington, DC—Rock Creek Church Cemetery.

We decided to visit. If you asked if it was weird that we traveled across DC traffic to walk around a cemetery where we don’t know anyone buried there we would answer, “no, it’s not.” You see, we live right next to a cemetery and spend a few hours a day there walking. It is beautiful and peaceful. It is fun to see that no matter what day or time we are there we meet friends doing the same thing. We also agree that Arlington Cemetery is one of the best attractions of the National area. So off we went.

Rock Creek Cemetery touts being one of the oldest in the District and has several famous people buried there from over the years. We didn’t go to see famous people though, we went to see the unique headstones and the ornate mausoleums.

Mausoleums are familiar to us. The Chinese influence in Asian cultures had them everywhere to honor their dead. I could never understand why some of the dead lived in cleaner, bigger and more ornate homes than their living family. When we arrived at Rock Creek Cemetery we saw some gorgeous mausoleums. Some of them are so big renters in DC and New York would love to have an apartment with the same square footage. One even looked like a small chapel!

Well...that pretty much sums it up. He was tired...and they buried him. Lesson learned: don't fall asleep on the job

She wouldn't get close!

This one stood about 30 feet tall and was the size of a small house!

We walked around exploring all the unique markers. Some were small, others were HUGE! The ones that were most creepy were the ones with statutes. The copper statues especially looked haunting. (Glad we were there during the day)

Lady Hiva wouldn’t get close to the statutes or the mausoleums. I started to laugh out loud as she cautiously snuck up to them as if she expected something to jump out and grab her. You can see what watching horror films when you are younger does for you! Madre and Kell didn’t allow them for us growing up and I am thankful for it. My mind is not scarred with a fear of the dark. We also grew up near an old cemetery similar to this one and I guess we just learned to see the beauty of it instead of visualizing a gory rotting hand digging its way out of a grave as we walk by.

Anyone want to knock on his door?

How about now???

she was so scared...

The place really was beautiful. If you need a place to walk or just want to visit a cemetery, Rock Creek Cemetery is a place to go!

a tad bit (I know that this symbol had meaning LONG before Hitler vilified it, but it was still shocking to see it on one of the headstones)

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  1. I think cemeteries are beautiful and fascinating. Thank goodness, it would have been horrible to be scared of them living that close to one. But seriously, those copper statues are really creepy!!