September 15, 2013

Pay It Forward Gift from Two Talented Photographers

A few days after Aleki left us one of the talented photographers from my hometown, Katie, emailed us. She was several years younger than me, but being near my younger brothers’ ages I knew her and her family. She is now married and has a child of her own and sent a beautiful note to us in our time of sorrow.
At the end of the note she said that she had paid for us to have a photo session for Tau’aho when he was born. She knew that he was to be born within weeks of us getting Aleki. She would have done it herself but she knew we wouldn’t be in the same area for a while. Sure enough when Lucky was born two weeks later we contacted the photographer, Kiwi at KiwiMarie Photography and she said she was going to do the photos.

This gift was so touching for us as we don’t have any photos of Annie  and Alli. We do have some photos of Lady and I with Vaitafe and Aleki that friends or family snapped for us. At the time we didn’t know that both of those boys would only be with us two weeks each and those photos became our prized possessions. These two giving women gave us professional photos of Lucky that we will never have with his siblings.

To say we are thankful is an understatement.

We found a date—finally—that we could venture down to Virginia Beach to have the photos taken. Kiwi is so talented. We enjoyed watching her work. The photos turned out AMAZING! You would never know how much patience and careful planning goes into each photo. At some points all three of us were standing around getting Lucky ready for the next photo.

These photos are a testament of all the prayers and kindness on our behalf as we welcome Tau’aho into our lives this summer. It has been a roller coaster as we, all of us together, welcomed Aleki’s uexpected arrival this summer too. We all mourned when he was taken back and held our breath for three weeks until Tau’aho—our Lucky number 7—was born. These two women did us such a generous favor. Lady Hiva and I are in awe of all the goodness in the world. We have so many kind deeds to pay forward.

Thank you Katie and Kiwi for making this possible.


  1. These are absolutely beautiful! As a photographer, I know EXACTLY what goes into a newborn session and it is so much work! I'm so glad you were able to get professional photos taken. They are amazing! You have such a beautiful family and you guys are in our thoughts and prayers constantly. You have been my inspiration with the trials we've faced with Gage. I know our trials have been no where near what you've had to go through but it's helped me get through the tough times and i've told myself, "If they can handle all that they have, I can handle this." You both are such great saints and I KNOW the Lord has a HUGE mansion for you on the other side with your children waiting with open arms. I love you both and can't wait to meet Lucky:-) (and Hiva!)

    Lindsay Albrecht