November 11, 2013

Antique Shops in Leesburg

With the holiday Lady Hiva and I decided to have a relaxing day trip to Leesburg, VA. Leesburg is a small bedroom town to DC. There are outlet stores to go shopping for clothes, but that is not why Lady and I went. We wanted to explore some of the MANY antique stores in the area.

The rolling hills and picturesque plantations and wineries set the backdrop for the trip. It was a beautiful drive.

We started out at Luckett’s Antique shop. It was a bit overpriced, but we both liked seeing how they took old items and in a “FLEA MARKET FLIP” type of art they were transformed into beautiful pieces. It is amazing how much a layer of paint can do. We both look forward to the time we actually get to live in our own house to try and recreate some of these creations.

There are some creative people in the world, that is for sure. I am impressed they have the courage to create something and sell it. With the furniture, Lady Hiva and I decided that some of your favorite pieces we will have Beau-D or Nate H. make for us because they both produce pieces just as beautiful and they are new. (So Nate and Beau-D you have a few years to get ready for our orders…hehe)

Around Lucketts there are two other shops…we explored all the rooms in each of them. Nearby were several other antique shops. Guess what, we shopped in them too! Our favorite was the quirky barn turned shop and painted with pink and black polka-dots. I presume antique shops need to be cluttered and tacky to qualify as authentic…

We left Leesburg with plenty of ideas and at least one project we want to complete in the near future!

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