November 29, 2013

Is Black Friday a New Thanksgiving Day Tradition?

We all have Thanksgiving traditions, most of them revolve around family and some type of sports game. For some people Black Friday shopping is one of those traditions. Lady Hiva joined Heather to see if we wanted to make it one of our traditions.

The last time I was involved in Black Friday was when I worked at Best Buy during college and we had to be at work at 0300 to serve hot chocolate to people waiting to ‘bust down the doors.’ We were taught that it is “Green Friday” not Black Friday because it is a huge revenue maker for the retail industry.

We wanted to experience a Black—Green—Friday event while here in the United States. This year stores started their Black Friday sales at 1800h Thanksgiving night. Like bright and unconfused people we went to Wal-Mart first! YIKES!

The first flag should have been the FULL parking lot. We went in and were greeted by thousands of deranged shoppers. Now, I have told you all before that I have a problem with Wal-Mart on normal days. The tight, messy aisles combined with rude people—lots of them—give me what I call: Wal-Mart-itis. I have to get out once Wal-Mart-itis sets in because it gets worse as anxiety and claustrophobia builds. And that is a good day. Imagine how we felt when we couldn’t even walk into the main doors at Wal-Mart because the aisles were so crowded.

I decided that since I was just moral support for Heather and Lady, I could take time to snap a few photos with my phone to document the adventure. (Sorry that they are blurry. I was taking them as I walked—dodging people as we went.) People started to laugh as I took photos. One woman asked if “this was my first time.” Haha.

It was entertaining to see people camped out in camp chairs with dinners laid out before them. To hear shoppers fight over ‘who was there first’ or see the professional Black Friday shopper women who had color maps and detailed shopping lists they religiously poured over. These people are intense! Once we realized that the two things we had were not worth waiting in the 2 hour line we ditched our merchandise and tried to leave. I saw tried, because like a fire fighter’s nightmare, we were stuck in the center of the building! We couldn’t leave. Lines, shoppers and deals were all over the place. It took some maze like work and skill but twenty minutes later we were out at the car again.
This is the moment my Wal-Mart-itis spread to Heather and Lady and we decided to just leave

The ravaged remains from only twenty minutes!

How long do you think she has been there?

We decided to split up, Lady waited in the Kohl’s line, Heather the HHGregg, and I went to Target with Lucky. It was so cold and the line was LONG. I couldn’t believe it. Lucky was angry boy for a few minutes so I had to get him to sleep before I could meet Crystal, Heather’s friend, in line. When the correct hour came the doors were opened and we walked briskly into the warmth through barricades. Then panic broke out.
Heather in line at HHGregg

Televisions on sale were disappearing by the second and I headed for the pots and pans (Lady wanted the Rachel Ray special) Sadly, by the time I pushed a stroller holding a baby through the crowds I was the third person to arrive and there were only two! WHAT?! All that and I didn’t get it? Annoyed I asked a person and they were able to get me the pots online shipped to our house. YAY!

I went to meet Lady Hiva at Kohl’s and luckily she had been at the front of the line and found everything she wanted and more.
Inside Kohl's

Lady and her spoils
 We went out with Heather for the rest of the evening and after 1 mall, 6 more stores and several hours later we finished our shopping at 0700 on Friday morning. It was an adventure for sure. I can see if you need big ticket items like appliances or electronics, it is worth the wait. The rest of it must be for the adrenaline and hanging out with family members as you shop. We definitely have war stories to regale about our time in the stores.

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