November 01, 2013


Several years ago one of my cousin’s daughter (I guess that makes her my first cousin once removed), Navy Pearce, (yes, she and Tau’aho share the same middle name) did a Gratitude Challenge with one of her classes. The idea was that every day during November you write one aspect of life that you are grateful for.

I liked the idea and decided to join in. Other people picked up on it and they too took the Gratitude Challenge. I have done it every year since then. Every year another few people join in on the challenge. So from Navy there are people all over the world that have taken the Gratitude challenge.
This year, I invite you to take the GRATITUDE CHALLENGE and let everyone know what you’re thankful for!

Sometimes we are so focused on our challenges that we miss the blessings in our lives. I like that I have a chance to recall the many aspects of my life that I am thankful for.

My Gratitude Challenge Day 1 is: I am thankful for the power of faith and prayer. The prayers, thoughts and positive energy from all faiths makes a difference as we face challenges. Our family has been so blessed by them.

Stay tuned for 30 other days of gratitude! 

These are some autumn shots we took today...(I am thankful for them too but that will have to be another day's comment)


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