November 02, 2013

The Tree is UP! WOOHOO!

Not just any tree...the CHRISTMAS TREE!

Today we had a relaxing Saturday. It was gorgeous weather so we decided to explore part of DC that we have wanted to but never made it—Theodore Roosevelt Island.

Roosevelt Island is located in the Potomac River between Georgetown, DC and Rosslyn, VA. There is one bridge from Rosslyn that connects to the island and it only accommodates foot traffic. We bought some Café Rio and headed out for a picnic among the autumn weather.

It was a beautiful day and the island was calm and serene. Runners and walkers were using the many nature paths for exercise and several families had the same idea to picnic. As we sat there enjoying the food and scenery a nice 3x3 buck walked by—I thought how many hunters in the West right now would love to have him walk by…haha. But no, he was peaceful as can be.

After we ate we took photos next to the enormous statue of Teddy Roosevelt and read the many inspirational quotes they have in granite slabs around him. I guess that is when you know you said something great—they engrave it in stone inspire people one hundred years later!

Arlington National Cemetery

After our nature walk we went to get a Christmas tree! YAY! The rest of the afternoon was spent decorating! Everything turned out great! Tis’ the season!

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  1. my favourite picture is the one of hiva holding that cute little ball of squishiness who's lips look soooooooooooo kissable. but a very close second to that is the last picture WITH THE OWL IN IT!!!!!!!!!!!! I looooooooooooove owls. :)