November 07, 2013

My first Thank You-logy: Beau-D

Any of you that have read WHITE LILIES IN AUTUMN know that November is an emotional month for our family. November 3rd marks Vaitafe’s fourth birthday. Lady Hiva and I were talking that if all our kids were alive and with us we would have a 10 year old, 2 four year olds and two under 1 years old. A big family to warm our hearts.

November is also when Vatiafe passed away…and Trevor..and our adopted sisters’ dad Charles. So many sad things to commemorate. When those days come we often call, write, or talk with each other about those we love that are waiting for us in the next life. At their funerals we talked all about our memories of them and how much we miss them and write long eulogies of their life.

I started to think this week that I find it odd we wait until AFTER someone is gone to tell them how much we love and appreciate them and how thankful we are for them in our lives. So I am going to write several posts this month—we can call them “Thank You-logies” for people in my life that I want to tell how much I love them. I don’t want to wait until it is too late anymore.

My fist Thank You-logy is for my brother Beau-D.

Beau-D (his real name is Beau, but I call him Beau-D) is the youngest of us siblings. He is six years younger than me. Growing up Beau-D and Trevor were always close and I was the ‘big brother.’ However, Beau-D has always been mature beyond his years.

When we were younger Beau-D didn’t play with little kid’s toys like other children his age, he wanted to play whatever we were playing. He was a slower eater than us and would opt to go hungry and join us than sit and finish eating while we were playing.

He has such strong knack for business and money. He bought his first vehicle when he was 9 years old. That trait has continued throughout his life as he has saved and purchased vehicles, land and animals all without help.

One thing I admire Beau-D the most is his love of life and deep, caring nature for those around him. As older siblings we learned to wield that love our favor. When Madre would get mad, all it took was Beau-D saying sweetly, “Mommy, I love you,”  and she couldn’t be angry anymore. Beau-D is fiercely loyal and will do anything to help or protect those he loves.  

I left my parents’ house when Beau-D was only 11 years old so I missed the years that he was growing up and becoming a man. Over the last few years I have enjoyed watching him set goals and go achieve them. Although I am six years older we have hit milestones around the same time.

Lady Hiva and got married then a few months later Beau-D married his high school sweetheart, Kalani. This year Lady and I bought a house…a few months later Beau-D and Kalani bought a house. Then Lucky was born and guess what? A few months later Kaleia was born!

I am so thankful for Beau-D and all he does. He is a deep thinker. Most of his actions are well thought out before he takes them. He is quiet but when he does speak, you want to make sure to listen because it usually is wisdom beyond his years. Partially because he is a spiritual giant—always has been.

Beau-D is talented with his hands and has built many beautiful pieces of furniture. He has a love for animals that is unmatched by anyone. He is in his element with his horse and dog out on a ride in the wilderness.

Beau-D, I love you. And although I have lived far away from you for nearly 14 years I appreciate your friendship, admire your leadership,  and your example to us all. .

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