December 24, 2013

Beaches and Christmas Lagoons

What better way to celebrate the day before the day before Christmas Day than to go to the beach?! Lady and I took Lucky to the  beach for his first time with his cousins. To quote Goldilocks: It was a perfect day, not too hot and not too cold…it was JUST RIGHT! Oh yeah, because we are in Hawaii! Of course it is just right.

Lucky was happy to have the waves hit his feet. When he saw one coming his body would tense up with excitement and they had would dance until it had gone all the way out. When Lady said he had been in long enough Lucky went to sit with Grandma and the dragon came out…poor Grandma.

In the evening we stood in the REALLY long line at the Polynesian Cultural Center for the Christmas Lagoon. They did really well with the Lagoon, telling the Christmas story, complete with live animals and fake snow. We had a good time seeing old friends from our BYU-Hawaii days. Laie is truly a special place.

So bring on Christmas Eve! First item on the list is….drum roll please…THE BEACH!! 
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