December 30, 2013

From the Beach to the Snow

Tau’aho made another trip and this time we landed in Utah to see another side of the family. It was a shock to leave Hawaii and walk off the plane and see our breath in Salt Lake City!

However, there are so many family members that are waiting to meeting Tau’aho and from the time we arrived he was passed from person to person until he knew he was loved.

One of the best parts of coming was to meet his new cousin, Kaleia. She is one month younger and it was fun to watch the two of them try to figure out who they were talking to.

Our Aloha Wear that Lady' Mum gave to us

Time in Utah always guarantees plenty of family, loads of fun, animals and plenty of outdoor time. In fact, Tau’aho was introduced to rabbits, horses, dogs, and sledding while we were here!  He tried to pull and eat the lop ear of the bunny and was shocked when Beau-D’s big German Shepard wanted to lick his face. It was fun to watch his eyes soak all the new scenes in. 

Tubing and sledding is always a fun, adrenaline rush activity. Lady was determined that I was trying to kill her. 

As he grows he shows his laughter and happy personality to anyone that will stop and smile back. Lady Hiva even noticed that his bottom teeth are starting to feel sharp…a new phase is beginning! Keep on smiling through it, Lucky!


  1. Welcome to Utah! So good to 'see' you and your beautiful family! Joys!

  2. You really took that little guy sledding? Too funny and too cute!