December 07, 2013

The National Christmas Tree

Being here in Washington, DC we never miss a chance to visit the National Christmas Tree when it is set up. This year we decided to go the day after the lighting ceremony. HOWEVER, in 2010 we went and both Lady Hiva and I froze. Thankfully they have a big pit of fire there to warm you up. We didn’t want to take Tau’aho down there with it being that cold so we went during the day.

Yes, the lights are not as spectacular in day, but at least we didn’t freeze! HEHE. If you go during December they have a small “Santa’s Workshop” set up for you to see. Around the National Christmas Tree are small trees to represent all 50 states and the U.S. Territories. The ornaments are decorated by school children from that state. There are also several train sets circling the tree. I counted at least 7 trains clacking by  as we stood there.

The tradition of the President of the United States having a Christmas tree out in front of the White House started in 1923!~ WOW! A long standing tradition. What I didn’t realize is that there is also a “Capital Tree” up at the Capital building that is a tradition too. They have a healthy competition to see which tree is bigger each year. The 2013 National Tree is 65 feet and from California, while Washington State donated an 88 foot tree for the Capital tree that was trucked all the way across the country to be here!

Sadly, because of the concert stage being removed we could only see Hawaii’s tree from afar. (Maybe we will have to go back?_

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