December 11, 2013

It’s Beginning To Feel Like Christmas!

It Is Beginning To Feel Like Christmas! …well, we have felt like Christmas for a few months now, but the rest of the world is catching up! Woohoo!

We had a party with our congregation and it was fun to eat and spend time with everyone. The best part of the night was the Christmas program put on by the children. Now, normally there is a Christmas program at these types of events. But this was different than the regular run of the mill Luke 2 reading. This was a full on musical with original music and storyline! The kids did great!  One of my favorite parts was when an ‘angel’ (pun intended) decided to bounce out of character and did some break dancing as the scene ended and the curtains were closing! Who says angels can’t dance?

Tonight we had a few free hours (not a common occurrence the last few weeks) so we went to see the lights at the LDS Temple in Kensington, MD. The DC area has several places to enjoy lights and Christmas concerts. But none of them are free—except the LDS Temple. Every day there are lights to enjoy—thousands of them in every color. At 1900h every night there is a different concert. You can see a list here of upcoming concerts.

The lights were gorgeous and the trees in the Visitor Center has decorated trees with decorations from all the embassies in Washington, DC. We made sure we searched until we found the Filipino doll (that looked suspiciously like Imelda, but decided it couldn’t be because it was shoeless) and the Turkish doll.

Next was the Crèche exhibit from all over the world. There were hundreds of them. We took some photos, but for the whole collection, you will have to go check it out! I liked this because I told Lady I wanted one from all the countries we live in. There are some amazing artists out there. So if you are in the area and want to have a quality Christmas experience on a budget, check out the LDS Temple Festival of Lights.  

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