December 14, 2013

Christmas Shops in Old Town Alexandria

 Around the DC area there are several “old towns” that have been refurbished and beautiful. Georgetown and Alexandria are some of the most popular. We always take time to visit both of them. Today we went with some friends to see the Christmas Shops in Old Town Alexandria.

The shops in Alexandria are beautiful old row houses that have been converted into stores. That alone is interesting and fun to see. But then they fill each of the unique shops with eclectic goods. Displays are gorgeously arranged and festive. If you have time you could just walk around and enjoy the treasures you find in each of the stores.

Plenty of ways to enjoy  the beauty of the world and especially had this time of year. If you have a few minutes during the season, catch yourself in a cozy shop! They have a vibe you don't get from big box stores with neon lights and wide aisles.

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