January 25, 2014

Going Yuppy Style at Home

Being in DC, as any place, the culture rubs off a little bit. The newest aspect of the culture that has occurred at our house is homemade baby food. Lady Hiva has done hours and hours of research and asked so many people questions and this weekend was the experiment!

We went to the store and bought all the desired vegetables (all organic of course…I told you we were going granola!) and then Lady steamed and pureed them. Since Lucky doesn’t seem to enjoy fruits we stuck to squash, peas, and sweet potatoes for now.

"I don't know, mom...are you sure?"

They looked beautiful. She froze all of the food in meal size ice cube trays. The best part of making it was having Tau’aho do his taste test. He loved it! Lady was happy it turned out well and that we know how to make the food—very helpful when we will be living in a foreign country.

We are going to start giving Lucky some flavor to his food. The first is try is cinnamon in his sweet potato. He liked it. I told Lady we aren’t going to raise a mild salsa boy! No weak sauce in this house! HAHA

Tau’aho is 6 months in  a few days and that is AMAZING! He is showing his little personality. He loves to cover his own face with a blanket and then pull it down to play “Peek-a-bo!” He will do it over and over as long as someone will stand there and act surprised when he pulls the blanket down.

If you saw on Facebook, I put a video of his new playtime with me. I usually hum on his cheeks and now he will hum on my cheek right after. I end up with so much slobber all over my face but I love every minute of it! This little man is so awesome.

He is also sitting up on his own now. He gets so excited about it and his arms go crazy. It makes bath time really splashing and wet! Haha. Love this kid. 

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  1. Lucky is getting to be adorable everyday. I always look forward to your posts and photos of him.--ochie