January 03, 2014

2013 Of Our Lives

2013 brought many exciting and anticipated experiences. Some chapters finished and others began. Most of all, we know that we are loved and blessed. We traveled thousands of miles, read hundreds of books, laughed, cried and spent hours and hours together. Most of all, we are interested to see where 2014 takes us.

I write in my journal every day, it is a mental release for me, and it is also interesting to look back at the end of the year and see the way events unfolded. In 2013 I filled three journals. As with many of you, our year was filled with struggling ups and some wicked downs. We are so thankful for all we have—especially for all the support we were given. So as we end this year, we thank ALL of you for what you mean to us.All year we had notes, cards, emails and messages written to us. Those notes buoyed us up when we needed strength and made us happy when we were down.

Here is a brief summary of the Bradshaw Family’s year:

We said goodbye to our friends and colleagues in Manila,Philippines and moved to Washington, DC
Lady Hiva was placed on bedrest with the pregnancy
We saw Tau’aho’s heartbeat for the first time

Lady was nominated by a friend and Chosen as FEB 2013 MightyMom
We found out that Tau’aho is a boy!
Lady is still on bed rest so we fill our days with games and books

Dustin returns to Manila to work and finish work
Madre and Heather come to spend time with Lady in DC
Lady Hiva turns 30
Dustin starts to volunteer with American Foundation for Suicide Prevention

Still trying to keep Lady Hiva busy when she can’t do much
We take a cake decorating class together
We make quilts
We take drives late at night to get smoothies
Aunt Donna passes away
We start looking for a house to buy
We enjoy spring in the United States

Tau’aho makes it to 28 weeks of gestation making him the longest baby yet
We finally are home owners!
Dustin concludes home leave and starts training for tour in Istanbul, Turkey

Madre comes out to help us move into apartment
Dustin and Madre volunteer in the AFSP Out of Darkness walk
We are surprised when the adoption agency tells us a birthmother chose us and a baby is coming in 7 days
Aleki is born and we loved him for 10 days
Aleki’s birth mother changed her mind and we had to give him back
We cried a lot

Independence Day with friends
We explore more of Washington, DC
We do some more crafts while waiting

Tau’aho and Lady come home—he is our Lucky little dragon
We celebrate our 5th year of marriage
Dustin turns 30

Friends and family come for Tau’aho’s blessing day
We try to make up for months of staying near a hospital
Trip to Annapolis, MD
Preparing for Halloween

Trip to New Orleans
Chocolate tour through Georgetown
Halloween in DC and Ohio


Christmas in DC, Maryland, and Alexandria
Enjoying Paradise

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