January 01, 2014

Being in ‘Good ‘ol US of A!’

There are times that I am so thankful to be living in the United States. Being here in Utah this week has been a reminder of those feelings. I have always liked patriotism and you will find many of my photos will have an American Flag in them. Being a Foreign Service Officer has only increased those feelings.

Going back to a small town high school ball game where the crowd stands to sing the National Anthem and then enjoy a sport together was fun; Then to take Lady and Lucky to their first rodeo. Who can say that they have been to the West without seeing something so iconic Western?

Again, the crowd stood and listened to the National Anthem as a little girl rode her horse and carried the American Flag. Then afterwards they even said a prayer before the event. That is something you just don’t see any more. I found myself being proud to be an American. (Don’t worry, I won’t start singing Neil Diamond!) We were all enjoying a pastime that has passed down for centuries.
Lady with Uncle Travis...who is a cowboy through and through

A little pray before the ride

That horse has hops!

My cousin CoBurn Bradshaw who has just gone professional

As we were driving to and from the rodeo, Kell told Lady stories of my ancestors who settled in villages far from anything else and had daily run ins—some good and some bad with the Native Americans. We also were able to see some of our best friends from Hawaii who now live in Idaho. They happened to be driving by and called. We figured out we were literally 2 miles apart so in the dark, under thousands of stars, in the middle of nowhere---literally--we had a mini reunion. It wasn’t nearly long enough, but it was enough to remember that friends are also something we cherish.

We rounded out the day with family. These last two weeks was special because we have seen so many family members that we don’t often see. A sacrifice we make to serve this country we love. So to say that I was a bit sentimental the last few weeks is an understatement. I truly am proud to be an American!

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