January 29, 2014

Paper Plate Project Runway

At church Lady Hiva and I have the chance to do activities with the 8-11 year old girls. They are a fun and energetic bunch. Tonight we teamed up with the Young Women for their “Modesty Fashion show.” The purpose was to show girls they can be modest and still be fashionable. All too often the world teaches these beautiful young girls that unless they shorten, pin, reveal, or leave off parts of clothing they won’t be ‘in style’ or accepted.

Of course that is not true.

The girls were split up into groups and they were given the challenge to come up with a themed fashion line. One of the “outfits” had to be created with duct tape and paper plates. The experience was complete with the groups deciding how their “models” would wear the outfit and have their hair done. Not surprising Effie Trinket was the inspiration behind two of the plate outfits.

At the end they modeled their creativity, proving you can be modest and still be fashionable. There were plenty of laughs to go around. 

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