January 18, 2014

Maybe A Rough Road, But a Great Couple

Last week marked five years since our daughter Alli passed away. Days like this makes us realize how thankful and happy we are to have Lucky with us. He is so special. Lady and I try to enjoy him everyday.
Lady Hiva and Lucky playing

Tau'aho loves to laugh

As I mentioned in WHITE LILIES IN AUTUMN, when our son, Vaitafe, died one of Lady’s friends made blue bands for us to remember him. And to remind us to love those family and friends in our lives that mean so much to us. Often, we wait until it is too late to tell each other about our feelings.

I recently had a conversation with a good friend about how it is that very love that helps us overcome our challenges and trials. I have worn one of those blue bands since the day we received them. I wear it always, it never comes off. After four and a half years it has thinned out, changed color due to my high acidity content (don’t know if that is really the reason, but it makes sense), and developed a hole.

Today, I renewed my vow to be more open with those I love. I want them to know, that no matter what, I think the world of them. Part of that was to change my wristband to a new one.

Lady Hiva, through it all, is proven again and again that she is a tremendous person. No matter what hardship she has to face she overcomes it and moves forward beautiful as ever—inside and out. I am so lucky.

I was thinking the other day that the great couples have a nickname—B rangelina, Bennifer, Vaughistan, Billary, to name a few. So I started to think what would our name be? Dustin and Hiva= Diva, Dushiva, Dustiva, Hivin, Histin, Hivastin…So many options. What do you think? 

Diva seems to describe ME more than both of us—hahaha! So maybe Dustiva, Dushiva, or Hivastin.

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