April 15, 2014

All Things Tau’aho

This is going to be one of those sappy, we love our baby, type of posts so if that does not interest you stop now!

This kid is growing up so fast! We love him more than we can tell (I am sure you get that with all the photos and stories we tell about him).He is nearing 9 months!

He is growing fast and his personality is starting to really mature. He loves to laugh and is so curious about life. He is constantly trying to see what people around him are doing. He LOVES to read and does not appreciate anything interrupting his precious time reading with one of us. And when Mickey Mouse clubhouse comes on he is glued to the TV. He will squeal back when Mickey is talking.

His new trick is to clap along when we play “Patty-Cake” or “If you’re happy and you know it, clap your hands!” It is fun to watch him. He thinks he is too big to let us feed him with a spoon and wants to feed himself finger foods.

He is crawling now and will pull himself up on any piece of furniture he can find. It is fun to walk around the room with him while we hold his hands. He gets that “I’m a big boy!” Look on his face when he feels he is doing something special.
Some really great friends living in Oman visited and gave Lucky this shirt

What is going on over there?

His expressions are fun. He is really clear about when he is happy and when he doesn’t like something. (he even learned how to shake his head no—we don’t know how that happened). 


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