April 03, 2014

The Hardest Decisions

Several years ago I was riding in a car with a close friend and we were admiring the sunset on a particularly cold winter day. He and I talked about how sunsets and fake flowers are two ways that we know Heavenly Father loves us—even during the harsh winters of our lives.

I still believe this today. Many times the darkest, winter moments are during a decision making process. I am not talking about our everyday decisions, I am referring to those lay-in-bed-at-night-wonder-how-many-people-this-will-affect-eternal type of decisions.

This week we had several experiences that reminded us of some of our hardest decisions to make. A cousin of mine and his wife had to make some tough decisions about the life of their pre-mature son that was struggling with his health. Much like Lady Hiva and I did several years ago with Vaitafe. There came a point we had to choose whether to keep him on life support or not. The feeling that are involved in that winter of our life—and now in my cousin’s—still haunt us today. (I wrote about this in WHITE LILIES INAUTUMN)

However, there are moments of mercy and peace as we make these hard decisions. This too may seem hard to explain to someone not intimately involved in the decision. But there is a strength that comes from within and support from a loving Heavenly Father that carries us through our times of sorrow and trial. Somehow we know what is right and feel at peace, even when it seems contrary to our desires and wants.

Think about the last funeral you went to, or a friend that has lost someone or been in an accident. Often, the spouse, parents, or siblings who we would think are grieving the most, are the ones comforting others with an unmatched serenity.  

During these times, just like driving through the winter at sunset with my friend, we will always have fake flowers and beautiful sunsets to give us courage when we feel we may falter. These reminders also help us when we doubt our decision and start to wonder if we made the correct one.

Lady Hiva and I also made some emotional decisions this week, but we are at peace. Like many times before, we will have our moments of doubt come, but thanks to the memories, the love and the special moments, we know one eternal principle: WE ARE CHILDREN OF A LOVING HEAVENLY FATHER and He knows our needs, desires and most importantly, he knows our sorrows.

So if you, too, are facing a winter season or a hard choice in your life, watch the sunset tonight or go by some cheerful flowers and remind yourself that you are loved.

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  1. Chad & KristenApril 3, 2014 at 7:18 PM

    Thank you for sharing this post! We are thinking of you and we love your sweet family and your great example to our family. What great courage and love you're showing through your example. You're in our prayers.