April 21, 2014

#Because of Him

The last few weeks there has been an online campaign for Easter based around the theme “Because of Him.”  There is a short video about how our lives are touched in so many ways by the Savior. The challenge was to recognize all the ways that we are blessed because of HIM.

I was teaching a lesson to my AMAZING Sunday School class (16 and 17 year olds whom I think are down right AWESOME!) and I realized that I need to write a few words about how I know that MY life has been a result of all that the Savior does for me.

I know that because of HIM we can be families forever. I know that because of HIM when we have trials and are knocked down we can stand back up again. I know that we are blessed daily, and I know that I am a Child of a Loving Heavenly Father.

This Easter season I hope you all realized all the blessing you have received too! Here in DC the weather was nice and we enjoyed time with Madre and Kell who visited for the weekend! Tau’aho had his first Easter morning complete with a baseball “basket” plastic eggs (which he LOVED) and some small gifts. Hopefully someday we can teach him the deeper meaning behind Easter—the resurrection of the Savior. 

Of course, Lucky Dragon had to ride the Dragon!


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