April 12, 2014

SPRING HAS ARRIIIVVVEDDD!!! (in my Olaf singing voice)


The last few days the weather in DC has been BEAUTIFUL! We are loving it. Many of you saw my Facebook post the other day that I know am certain that a sunny, 70 degree day with a slight breeze is PERFECT for me. (It is no wonder I love Hawaii so much, it is like that year-round). I also find laying in the sun so rejuvenating.

Lady Hiva and I marvel at the beauty of nature in the spring. Actually, we admire it in all the seasons, but there is something special about spring and the way everything looks so colorful and cheerful after a long arduous winter of dull grey and muddy brown.


There are hundreds of yellow daffodils soaking up in the sun—everywhere. They just grow like wild flowers.

One of the best parts of spring in DC are the Cherry Blossoms. They are SO beautiful. Lady Hiva and I (and every other person on the Eastern Seaboard) make a point of going into the District several times during the short week they are in bloom.

These trees were given to the United States by Japan as a sign of our international relationship with their country. They have grown to maturity and there when in peak bloom and filled with a fluffy canopy of white and pink flowers.

It was fun watching Tau’aho enjoy the weather, the people and the flowers. Everything is such an exploration for him. He wants to see, touch and TASTE it all.

So here are a few photos of the 2014 Cherry Blossoms in DC! If you ever get a chance to be here during the week that the blossoms are at peak bloom you will never regret taking time to enjoy them. (Even with all the other people around) You really learn how to get a photo of a tree without getting the person on the other side of the tree also taking a photo. We ended up with a few accidental photo-bombs…hehe

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