April 06, 2014

Celebrating Spring Blossoms!

Around this time of year in Washington, DC we are able to see some GORGEOUS cherry blossoms. They have an entire festival planned around it. Years ago Japan gave the United States cherry trees and each year there is a celebration of the international relationship between the two countries.

It is beautiful to see. Last year we went several times to enjoy the beauty of nature during Springtime. With it being cold so long this year (snowing several times in the last couple weeks) the blossoms are not quite in full bloom yet. But Heather and one of her daughters came so we went to enjoy the activities.

Lucky reading with Pompom
Yesterday there was a large festival on the waters of the Potomac. We went to just explore and were pleasantly surprised at how much fun it was. There was a “Food Truck Rally” where you could try all kinds of foods. There were free dragon boat rides on the Potomac and there were bands you could listen o while doing crafts.
My favorite toy

Finding something to do while Lady and Heather shop

The craft part was the most fun. All of them were free and promoted the relationship between Japan and the United States. We made Japanese Fishing Boat Flags, small wooden boats, fish wind socks, dragon socks, and lantern fish. It was all so creative.

We had fun making our activities and watching everyone else do it too. Volunteers from the DC area’s university’s Japanese language classes helped with all the projects—again all to promote the relationship between the two countries.

My sock dragon forming for my Lucky Dragon

Her fish lantern and my dragon sock

Lucky Dragon meets the sock dragon...

In the evening we went back for the Floating Lantern lighting and the fireworks. Now, having lived in Asia we were expecting the thousands of floating lanterns being released into the air (think Tangled, but real) or the thousands of floating lanterns released onto the water in Japan. Sadly, after waiting and waiting we realized the floating lanterns they were “illuminating” were the lights along the docks of the Potomac. I guess technically they were floating—on a dock! We had a good laugh about that.

Waiting in the cold for the fireworks

Floating Koi fish

The firework show made up for the wait though. There were quite a few fireworks and that was a surprise too. All in all, we enjoyed the warm—er weather and being with family. We needed to have a good time. Tau'aho was mezmormized by the fireworks. He didn't blink the whole time wanting to see them all!
Lucky loves his first firework show

All I could think is: This is going to be a nightmare to leave...hahaha

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