December 10, 2015

Christmas: Festival of Trees, German Festival and Festival of Dancing

Christmas time there is never a shortage of things to keep ourselves busy. Lights to see, shopping to do, treats to make, trees to visit and friends to share time with. We are into week two of the holiday and had some great experiences already.

We went to the German Christmas Market in Salt Lake. We went to see what the difference was between the "SLC" version was compared to the real deal in Germany. It was quite a bit smaller, but we were actually surprised how well they did with it. We at hot Brats, we listened to German Christmas Carols, took photos with people dressed up in traditional German outfits, and Tau'aho rode horses and petted camels--both of which he loved!

Brigham Young's Statue at THIS IS THE PLACE Tau'aho saw it and said, "Look, there is Jesus!"

Choir from Cedar City, Utah singing Christmas Carols

Another stop along the road was the Festival of Trees. This annual fundraiser is dear to my family's heart. Madre, for years, helped operate Festival of Trees. We all spent hours and hours volunteering at one event or another. This was the first time that Lady Hiva had gone and she--to my delight--loved it! She was even taking photos of trees she liked so we can make them (haha, and she was the one that told me I cannot do a new tree next year!). We shall see! It truly had the creative wheels turning.

Lady's favorite tree of course

One of the best events so far is BYU Folkdance Department putting on "Christmas Around the World." It was so much fun to watch the cultures and colors of countries around the world come to life. Our Lucky Dragon was taken memorized by most of them. A few of the slow dances in the middle were a bit slow...I had a fun time watching him wide-eyed and intense as each of the dances unfolded.

Lady and I were also able to come up with some more Christmas crafts and the best part about it, our Lucky Dragon likes to help too! He always says, "I'm so helpful!" and with say, "Good job, Daddy!" after we have finished something.
So to the end of the Christmas Season, I say, "Bring it on! We are ready!"

Box I made of barnwood (per the request of Lady Hiva)

Making pecan logs. She knows I love them so she took a class to learn how...she came home and made literally 5 pounds of them

Redoing the branch swag in the front

We deemed this version much better. It looks more like we wanted it to look like (thanks for the trees Beau-D)

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