December 04, 2015

Polar Express: A Ride To The North Pole

As you may all know, our little Lucky Dragon love trains...I mean his toy trains, of all shapes and sizes, literally sleep with him. Which is alright unless he invites himself into our bed sometime during the night and he brings his entourage of locomotives with him. And you thought stepping on a Lego was bad! Try rolling over on a train!

We are glad he loves trains because one of the first items Lady Hiva purchased when we found out we were moving to Utah (this was January, nearly a whole year early) was tickets to the Heber Valley Railroad North Pole Express. The historic railroad does events throughout the year and this event is one roughly based around the Polar Express. You ride the train, sing carols, "elves" give out cookies and hot chocolate and the train goes to the "North Pole" where Santa joins the train and meets everyone and gifts a sleigh bell.

"Mommy, walk on the train track"

"Daddy, come take a look!"

Tau'aho was so excited! He could not contain himself and his facial expressions were genuine joy. I was lucky enough to catch a few of them. He loved dancing in the aisles with the other children as we sang carols and was caught up in the idea of Santa visiting. It must have been because he saw the other children were happy and excited because I am not sure he really understands what/who Santa is (we have been trying to focus on Christ). He was so happy to get  a bell and talked to Santa for a few minutes, hesitatingly, but he did it.

Dancing with the other kids

Arriving at the North Pole


It was a fun, festive way to celebrate the season--for people of all ages and families of all types.

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