December 23, 2015

Christmas Is Getting Closer!

This week we have tried to do more Christmas things to take advantage of this time of year. We went to a version of the Nutcracker that one of my cousins was performing in. Lucky Dragon loved it. I had to take him out after the "fight" between the Nutcracker and the Rat because he yelled (at a quiet time of the program) "That's NO FAIR!" He liked the dancing and the music--which is really cool to think a two year old will sit through a two hour program. I don't have any photos of the dance because the woman with an ugly green Christmas cardigan and a laminated square paper safety pinned to her shirt that read 'SECURITY', demanded that I 'not taking any photos.' sigh....All week since he keeps pointing out every Nutcracker we pass (there are A LOT of stores, houses, yards...I never noticed before) and he keeps asking us, "We go see the Nutcracker dance?" So it must have made an impression.

 Ugly sweater security lady at least did not police the hallway so we have some pictures of all of us that went...

Lady Hiva and I, of course, can't let a season pass without crafts of some sort. We decorated for a party at Church for Lady Hiva, we made cupcakes, she made Christmas caramels and fudge, we cut Cri-cut houses for that busy!

But not too busy to take Tau'aho sledding. Lady has taken him nearly everyday. The cheap $5usd sled broke after about a week so we went to buy another one. Little did we know it was going to be a journey! I had seen some nice sleds at Costco when I was there for work there was about 60 of them. Lady told me to buy one, but I didn't want to "waste time" so we went back right I was done. In the three hours between they sold all of them! All 60! The guy looked on the computer and all Costcos within a 100 mile radius had also had sold out. That began our going to 5 Wal-marts, a Target and finally finding the last two sleds at Sam's Club. I bought both so they are now out too! hehe!

We made Ginger Bread houses...which really is interpreted as Lady made a serious effort, I only used the gross candy (which is why my house only had chocolate chips and purple and orange Skittles on it) and Lucky Dragon would put one piece of candy on and then eat three or four. So his house looks Spartan compared to Lady Hiva's.

Lady's house 

My house


One of our favorite things to do with Tau'aho is to see the lights--because he gets so excited to see them. We took him to Spanish Fork to see their drive through Festival of Lights.


We delivered bread and cookies to our neighbors and Lucky Dragon insisted that he be the one to knock and give the "presence."  He was so excited when people would answer. The first few doors he would proudly exclaim, "Happy Halloween!" We would practice as we walked to the next house and then he said, "Happy Birthday!" the time we made it around the block he had "Merry Christmas!" down. We love this little guy and We are loving this Christmas spirit.

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