December 12, 2015

Dancing the Day Away

The last few weeks we have been able to do plenty of family things that when you are in the Foreign Service you are never able to do--last weekend it was a rodeo and this weekend it was dancing!

We were able to go watch N. Pearce (the only other person in the family that shares Tau'aho's middle name) dance. It was so much fun seeing her out there performing. She is truly a talented girl. The event literally happens all day--from 0800 until early evening. We only went for a few hours, but we had a great time watching these young women display their talents.

Some teams were breathtakingly flawless, others were entertaining, and some we cheered for their efforts, but all-in-all it was fun to watch them. I did feel badly, however, for those few girls who would stumble or fall during the routine. It is like being the last person on the baseball team to strike out, or the person who misses free-throws at the end of the basketball game--they must feel like they let the team down. But they don't stop, they keep on dancing as if the fall is part of the routine.

It was fun to again be with a large group of family screaming our heads off as if the sheer decibel of screaming will give them powers to win! Here are some photos of N.  and then some photos of other fun groups that performed.
The Cheering section

As a bonus I wanted to show the many 'sides' of N.

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