December 13, 2015

Temple Square Ablaze

Salt Lake City Temple Christmas Lights
The Christmas Season would not be complete (at least if you are in driving distance) without a trip or two to Salt Lake City's Temple Square. We decided to go tonight for a Sunday night family activity--so did half of the state of Utah apparently.

It is simply shocking how many lights that they string in Temple Square. In one medium sized tree I counted 8 different fuse boxes, which means there are literally hundreds of lights coming out of each of those boxes. The trees literally look like they are ablaze--a multicolored fire, but hey we can be imaginative, right?

One of my goals on this trip was to let Tau'aho see the Christus statue in the North Visitor Center. After recently thinking a statue of Brigham Young was Christ, I thought it would be good for him to see the Christus. We made our way over to the Visitor Center weaving aimlessly through the crowds and lights. There were families taking photos, couples trying to perfect their selfies and all kinds of performers to keep our attention.
Life size Creche

We stopped to listen to the Christmas story told as life size, and life like, statues set the stage for the events of Christ's birth (see Luke chapter 2). Tau'aho was especially taken with the "real, real big camels." After the presentation we went into the Visitor Center only to find a real, real long line to get up to the Christus. Lady opted to show Tau'aho the Christus through the large picture windows from the outside and we will bring him back another time....actually, as I am typing this I cannot help but think I hope that this is not what Heaven is going to be like--we don't want to put in the time and effort to make it to Christ's presence so we have to settle for being out in the cold and watching others interact with him from a difference--scary thought. (Maybe we will go back sooner than planned! HAHA)

It is a beautiful experience, even with all of the crowds, people are kind and courteous as we awkwardly dance around each other and try not to be a photo bomber on their family outing. It was completely worth going. So, if you are within driving distance, make some time to celebrate the real meaning of Christmas.

This is how he posed for the photo.

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