October 09, 2013

Celebrating Two Months with Tau’aho: Buying Pumpkins and Picking Apples

Lady Hiva and I are so excited to have our Lucky man in our home. The last two months we have loved his presence. He has now passed the two month mark (actually a week ago) and we took him in for his shots. The poor guy was SO mad and that is unusual for him. He has such a calm and happy spirit. He has become quite chatty. He loves to see people’s faces and will coo and grunt with them as if he is telling a story. When he knows somebody is watching he smiles with those big lips and two dimples show through his chubby cheeks.

His newest trick is to roll over when he is done with ‘tummy-time.’ We thought it was a fluke the first time, but several times we turned him back over and watched as he did it again. Most of his awake time he is wiggling and waving his arms and legs as fast as they can go! To say we love this guy is an understatement.

the roll starts...

Made it!

Today was rainy and autumn feeling so Lady Hiva decided that after work we were going to pick apples at an orchard. We found ourselves at Butler Orchards again picking apples and couldn’t leave without choosing some pumpkins from the pumpkin field. We, of course, found all of the odd ball pumpkins—in color, size, and shape. Autumn is officially here! 

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