October 23, 2013

Halloween at Our House

Actually, Halloween has been going on for several weeks now. Lucky and Lady have been dressed in Halloween themed outfits every day. We have already carved our pumpkins and Lady Hiva made use of the Cricut and did a few Halloween scenes for the house.

She was most proud of the “bat wreath” she created. The house does look fun…(but I am secretly waiting for 1 NOV and the CHRISTMAS TREE GOES UP!!) 

Lady wanted Tau'aho to be in the photo with "his" pumpkin

Creating stuff with the Cricut

The Bat Wreath

These aren't Halloween, but I thought that it was still fun. I love these two


  1. I thought I recognized the book.....Story of Ferdinand!

  2. Love the Halloween decorations--but don't put up the Christmas tree and skip Thanksgiving alltogether.