October 28, 2013

Ghoulish Experience in Ohio

This weekend Tau’aho added two more states to his growing list of states he has been in, bringing his grand total to eight! (not a bad start for a 3 month old, eh?)

After work on Friday we headed out to Ohio to see Heather and her family. It is Halloween week and Lady Hiva wanted to celebrate with some kids. Heather’s kids are always happy to indulge. Although it was a short trip, we managed to shop a Sees Chocolate we danced for hours with the Wii, and had a myriad of Halloween activities.

Being the closest shop that we could find near DC, Lady Hiva was willing to make the six to seven hour drive to Ohio so that we could go to the newly opened See’s chocolate store. She was in HEAVEN! I was telling colleagues at work today (in Turkish…well broken Turkish) that we did that and they said, “You go to chocolate stores every weekend?” Hahaha…I guess that is right.

We ate so much sugar while we celebrated Halloween and burned off the extra calories by dancing until we were sweating on the Wii.

We made sugar cookies and caramel apples and finished the weekend with a Ghoulish dinner. Each of the kids went through the Halloween cookbook and chose something they wanted. We ended up with hotdog mummies, bone shaped rolls, zombie fingers (string cheese and bell-pepper fingernails), snake venom drink (jello, punch and Sprite) and for real food we had chicken tortilla soup and bean dip. So much fun.

Lady Hiva and I love all the kids. The noises, the laughter, the fun and we even the crying, the dirty fingers, and the runny noses. Someday Lucky and his siblings will get to do that stuff with us too!

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