October 31, 2013

The OFFICIAL Halloween Post

So we have been Halloweening at our house for more than a month (phew…it is a long time!) and this is the official Halloween post.

It has been a bit colder here in DC than other weeks so we weren’t sure what we wanted to do with Lucky. However, Lady really worked hard on his costume and wanted to “show him off” (not that we are prideful about our little man or anything…).

We decided to go out with several friends and their families—it was a blast because they have older kids who enjoy the holiday. Our apartment complex does a Halloween night and several kids like it here because you can get more candy for the time you spend out, we all decided to go into the local community.

The Safety Briefing before heading out

It was a good decision. All the kids were able to run up and down hills and stairs to burn off some calories and we all admired the huge houses and manicured yards. Lady and I took turns taking Tau’aho up to the door. I had fun talking to all the people about how cute he is. He was mesmerized by all the movement and the lights.

The cutest part of the evening was the older people who had their candy all sat out waiting for trick or treat-ers. One of the old lady’s came all the way down to the road just to tell us that her light is out, but she has candy. It was so fun, I tried to take a few more minutes talking with them—they must wait all week for all the fun little visitors.

Too tired to continue

So that concludes our Halloween celebrations…now onto CHRISTMAS! (And for all of you that are worried, we aren’t skipping Thanksgiving, we just enhance it with a Christmas tree.)

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