October 20, 2013

The Day I Sacrificed and Became a Chocolate Connoisseur

So Lady Hiva always tells me that we need to do more “fun” things on our date nights…I am not sure whether to be offended that I am not “fun enough” or be happy she wants to spend more time with me. I think we do some pretty cool stuff already. (But we all know it is what the spouse thinks that REALLY matters…haha)

When I saw a Group-on deal for a Chocolate Tour in Historic Georgetown I figured it would be a great way to have a surprise date night. Lady Hiva is a ‘food tourist.’ We go to Key West for the Key Lime Pie, and to New Orleans for Cajun Chicken and French desserts. We have Peking Duck in Beijing and Shanghai Dumplings in Shanghai. We take Thai cooking lessons in Thailand and eat Boston Cream in Boston. So when I saw this tour and knew she loves chocolate. (She has been looking up See’s Chocolate shops on the internet. The closest to us is in Columbus, Ohio and Lady is expected Heather to take her there next week sometime)
waiting near the "Old Stone House" for the tour to start. It is a National Park now because it is the oldest standing building in the District of Columbia

Our tour guide Jason

Lady Hiva. She was avoiding the camera "because I will just put it on the blog" I told her she might as well look at the camera and smile so when I do put it up she likes it...I like it so it goes up anyway! hehe

I know you are saying “who doesn’t love chocolate?” I don’t. I don’t mind milk chocolate if it is on a Twix or a small coating over a sea salted caramel, but other than that it really isn’t my thing. So this date was the supreme I-am-sacrificing-because-my-wife-will-love-this kind of date night. And I was stoked about it. I told Lady that I had a surprise date night and of course got her all excited but I didn’t tell her what (she hates surprises).

Then the scheduling was messed up. I was so sad. I finally had to cancel and told her about my “great date” that we were not going on. Luckily, they emailed back and “squeezed us into the tour this weekend.”

Yay! We were going, it wasn’t a surprise but the upside is that Lady Hiva didn’t have to pester me every few minutes trying to get me to tell her. (I tell you suspense just eats her up)

The day of the your came we were ready to go!

And *gasp* I even ate some chocolate. To be fair, I sampled the chocolate offered at every stop. Some of it was so chocolaty I regretted it late, but oh well. Just think “sacrifice for the spouse…sacrifice for the spouse.” HAHA.

not sure what I was doing here...hmm

Like the mardi gras beads?

We stopped at 7 different chocolate shops along the two hour tour. We sampled Cupcakes from SPRINKLES—who boasted of an owner that is THE judge on Cupcake wars. We ate Godiva chocolate and heard about its Belgian history. We sampled fudge and homemade chocolate bread from two DC establishments. Then there was Dean and Deluca and Fleurir and finally “The Pie Sisters.” We had fudge, spiced chocolate bar, honey chocolate, toffee bar, pecan pie and truffles…I was SUGARED OUT. (I can't hold my sugar like the Tuifua siblings can--we ate vegetables at our house hahahah)

The other people on the tour were so friendly and Lucky, of course, was the all-star favorite of the night. He seemed to like all the extra attention too. (Definitely Daddy’s boy)  

Although I did something I wouldn’t do on my own, we enjoyed being together and trying something new. In fact, in one of the eclectic shops along M street in Georgetown we found a book called “100 fun and easy date nights” and bought it…we will keep you posted on how they work out. 

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  1. me and hiva should get married coz that is my kind of date!!!