October 01, 2013

Making Children's Books

So Madre has been saying for years that Lady Hiva and I should make children's books from all our adventures to different places and use the photos we take. I love photography and have used the blog to display some of them and also put them up on Pinterest (yes, I have a Pinterest account...you're shocked, I know!)

Now that Tau'aho is here I decided to try out making a book for him. The first book that I made is a "Color Book"

I went through all our photos and chose pictures that have the basic colors and printed a book. It turned out really great. (At least I think so). Check it out if you would like by clicking the photo of the cover above. At the bottom of the page I also included the URL.

 The next idea is an "Animal book." If that goes well we can try the "adventure" books!


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